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Os pensadores que escrevem o Islã

No fim do século VIII, a técnica chinesa de fabricação de papel e de encadernação chega a Bagdá. A paixão por livros multiplica as bibliotecas e estimula o ofício de historiador. Attabari, Almas’udi, Ibn Battuta e Ibn Khaldun se destacam, cada qual em seu tempo.


Brazil: What Happens If There’s Another Oil Crisis?

The rise in oil prices caused by the impasse between Western powers and Iran due to the latter’s nuclear programme has been a cause for concern not just for the European and North American markets, but also for economies that are currently less vulnerable, such as the Brazilian economy, for which the two oil crises of the 1970s had catastrophic consequences.


The “Brazilebanese”, or Brazilians from Lebanon

The history of Lebanese emigration to Brazil is long. It is said that Lebanese Christians began to emigrate to Brazil in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, while Lebanon was still part of the Ottoman Empire. The economic crisis that Brazil suffered in the 1980s and 1990s directly affected these families, dependent on the income from trade. Many chose to return to Lebanon and rebuild their lives in the old fatherland.

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